Project Team Resources

Project Team Resources

taught by Chris Edgelow

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Two helpful resources to significantly increase the effectiveness of all project teams in your changing organization:

Booklet: Integrated Project Management explores how to ensure the essential principles of the integrated approach to leading successful change are incorporated into the work of all project teams.

Assessment Tool: Project Management Effectiveness is a self-scoring assessment to determine how well your project teams are doing with their critically important role in leading successful change and highlights areas that need to be improved.

You have complete access to these resources for one full year after payment confirmation. You can read them online and print them off for your use. 

Chris Edgelow
Chris Edgelow
Guide to Changing Organizations

Chris Edgelow, Founder and President of Sundance Consulting Inc. and Lost Creek Press Limited, has been helping people and organizations change for more than 30 years. His travels to client organizations have taken him around the world. 

Someone once described Chris as a serial entrepreneur. Except for a challenging few years working for an organization, Chris has always worked for himself. Yet, he never suggests anyone should leave their current job to work for themselves. That is, all too often, a pathway to failure. 

Rather, Chris has learned how to apply the principles of running a business to managing a career. Very practical in his approach, he will guide you through a way of thinking about where your career has taken you so far, where you are now, where you want it to go and how to get it there. 

A complete biography can be found here.

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Course Curriculum

Integrated Project Management Booklet
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Project Management Effectiveness Assessment Tool
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